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Functional Medicine

Rebuild Your Health From the Inside Out

Our services are provider-led, natural medicine proven to treat the root cause of health concerns.

Understanding Functional Medicine

We want to make sure you feel your best in every way – our practice offers a collection of integrative medical services to help your immune system, thyroid, adrenals, hormone imbalances (anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, depression, etc.) and chronic inflammation including disorders like fibromyalgia.

Our team is skilled in using tools that help FIX the cause of these health challenges while also helping to relieve immediate symptoms.

Functional Medicine

Our providers look at genetic and lifestyle factors to find the best way to treat the root of your persistent symptoms. From nutrition to exercise, stress management to supplements; they help you cultivate an environment of health rather than one of dis-ease.

Personalized Care

Here at Kingdom, we take a bird’s-eye view into your life as a whole and create a personalized plan. We dig to the root cause of your health concerns with the option of diagnostic lab testing. We’re with you every step of the way to get you to the vibrant, healthy person you were created to be.

How It Works

Making The Investment

Inital Appointment

An initial, 1-hour appointment with one of our functional medicine providers is $185. It includes examining your health history and listening to you tell your story while also providing you with a plan of action to help get to the root of your health concerns while also addressing immediate symptoms.

Personal Health Plan

Our personalized health plans vary in price because each person is different. The prices vary from a couple hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars depending on individual needs. The price will include lab draws, lab work, lab interpretations, follow up visits, and action steps.


We understand that lab work and supplements can really take a toll on your financial stress which is why we have options to make your investment more cost-effective and less stressful. Talk with our help desk to learn more about our membership and investment options.

Request An Appointment

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Frequently Asked Questions

Functional Medicine

Do you accept insurance?

This is a common question and rightfully so.

Summarized, we do not take insurance because we do not want insurance telling us how we can and cannot help our patients.

In general, insurance companies are not focused on any preventative or wellness services. They were designed for quick, short-term symptom and disease care and treatment which is heavily invested in the conventional model of health care that too often relies on drugs and surgery.

As Chris Kresser says, “Insurance-based medicine is not evidence-based medicine.” Realize that what our culture calls health care is actually “sick” care, since it has little to do with advancing true health. It’s mostly about suppressing symptoms while ignoring the underlying cause. We are  committed to a vitalistic model that addresses the underlying causes of your symptoms.

Now, if you have a policy it will probably help with at least some of the expense of your sick care. But few policies pay for things that help us keep our health. If they do, yay! We will gladly provide you with the necessary documentation to get reimbursed if you’re willing to file yourself.

The great news is that by not having to deal with insurance companies, office costs are kept down, so we can offer affordable care for you and your whole family. We accept Care Credit  payment at our office and always welcome open and honest conversations about finances. We are here to serve you and will do all that we  can to help!

How do I schedule my next appointment?

Scheduling with us is easy! Whether you are interested in an initial appointment or a follow up, simply contact us directly during office hours via phone call or text.

How do I get a hold of my provider after hours?

For urgent concerns after hours, please fill out our online contact form and the provider will receive an email. Your provider will then give you a call as the urgency requires.


If you have a medical emergency, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.

For all other non-urgent concerns, please use the contact form or email us directly.

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