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Functional Medicine & Integrative Health Solutions

We want to make sure you feel your best in every way – our practice offers a collection of integrative medical services to help your immune system, thyroid, adrenals, hormone imbalances (anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, depression, etc.) and chronic inflammation including disorders like fibromyalgia.

Our team is skilled in using tools that help FIX the cause of these health challenges while also helping to relieve immediate symptoms.


Interested in learning more about our functional medicine tools and integrated pathways? Schedule with one of our medical providers so they can help get to the root of your health concerns & guide you on a pathway back to optimal health!

Vitality Aesthetics by Kingdom Health

We offer natural solutions for modern aesthetic needs. From Light Therapy & Alma Lasers to PRF facials and micro needling – we have the tools to help you achieve your wellness & aesthetic goals without the use of harmful toxins or invasive procedures!

Interested in learning more about our aesthetic tools or pathways? Schedule with one of our medical providers for guidance in your unique direction! Or, check out a full list of our aesthetics services.

At Kingdom Health & Wellness, we pride ourselves in being the number one choice for the people of Southeast Missouri seeking non-surgical, non-invasive, natural wellness treatment and pain relief. Our integrated practice offers comprehensive, customized care plan solutions with advanced procedures and techniques that deliver proven results.

Providing Pathways to Better Health

We make sure every patient leaves our office more educated, more at peace with their current health, and on a pathway to better health - as designed!

Health Concerns

Read about modern health concerns & functional pathways to optimal health