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Unhealthy Weight is a Symptom…

Let’s Get to the Root of It.

Our Pathways:

Our BioSculpt Program includes:

  • 3D body composition scan
  • 8 specific, red light therapy sessions
  • Waist buster application gel
  • Nutrition guidance, monitoring, and support from your Vitality Professional

Our SHAPE ReClaimed Program works by reducing inflammation, cleansing & detoxifying, balancing hormones, regulating blood sugar, and enhancing immunity with:

  • Step-by-step nutrition guide
  • 3D body composition scan
  • Biweekly urinalysis monitoring
  • Bio-individualization
  • SHAPE drops
  • Daily check-in’s
  • Ongoing support from your Vitality Professional

This program combines:

  • SHAPE ReClaimed Program + BioSculpt Body Sculpting

for a whole-body reset and support program on your path to an optimized shape, body, and health!

Our Vitality Premium program includes:

Nutrient IV’s work with SHAPE and BioSculpting to supply your body with the nutrients it needs with better absorption. Slim Injections combine MIC (Methionine, Inositol, and Choline), Methylated B12, & B Complex to:

  • help lower cholesterol levels (preventing excess fat build-up in the liver and throughout your body’s circulatory system)
  • support healthy energy levels

Our Functional Medicine Protocols dig to find deeper root causes for common symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, and more. This is done through:

  • In-depth lab work (Wellness Panels, GI Maps, DUTCH Hormone Tests, Food Sensitivity Testing, etc) based on your health history and symptoms.
  • Individualized protocols to aid the body back to optimal health with:


The price of each program varies depending on individual needs. Free phone consultations with our Vitality Professional are available. We are also currently running a $29 special for an in person consultation AND a 3D body scan to help you pick the perfect program for you!

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