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vShape Ultra by Alma Laser to Renew, Revitalize, & Refresh the Body and Face

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Alma Lasers – A Full Spectrum of Energy-Based Aesthetic Solutions

Alma® is a world-leading provider of aesthetic medical technologies and energy-based solutions for the surgical, medical aesthetics and beauty markets. They are at the forefront of multi-technology systems, revolutionizing existing treatment methods and working to serve the varied and growing needs of both patients & practitioners.

For patients seeking a laser treatment to renew, revitalize, and refresh the body and face, the Alma vShape Ultra is the answer. The vShape uses non-invasive radio-frequency technology to deliver concentrated thermal energy into the skin. This enables the vShape laser to treat cellulite, wrinkles, rhytids, and uneven skin texture.

Patented technology enables deep heating of the skin tissue at various depths to tighten, smooth, and heal the skin. In fact, the vShape offers the highest power currently on the market with minimal energy loss and maximum results.

To take advantage of the many treatments that these laser machines have to offer, book your appointment today at Kingdom Health and Wellness in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. As the area’s premier functional medicine and natural aesthetic solutions center, our team is committed to helping you renew and rejuvenate your body safely and naturally!


How Does the vShape Alma Laser Work?

vShape combines proprietary radio frequency technologies so that it can target fat and tighten skin without painful surgical procedures, uncomfortable side effects, or worrisome downtime. Alma vShape is one of the only devices available that offers two modes of radio-frequency treatment delivering heat at different tissue depths; one targeting fat cells and the other can tighten the skin. The bi-polar mode can be used for superficial layers and the unipolar mode can be used for deeper layers. The deepest setting targets fat, the superficial mode targets skin tightening, and a combination of both modes focuses on cellulite.

How Soon Will I See Results?

You will see some results IMMEDIATELY, but you should expect to see the better results as time goes on because most of the fat cells take a week or more to fully break down completely and leave your system.

For face and neck treatments, you might see some results following the initial treatment. Changes of tightening and smoothing will occur over the next couple of months. However, we recommend 6 treatments sessions, and a healthy lifestyle will aid in maximizing your results.

Some clients even notice more changes even 2-3 months later! For skin tightening treatments, results usually occur after the first session and every session after, too. Your max results will show about 3-6 months after your last session. That’s because the maximum amount of collagen and elastin will be made in your skin during that time (making your skin tighter, more toned, and younger looking).

How many times do I need to get the V-Shape treatment?

To be clear, the V-Shape Ultra machine does a couple of different miracle treatments. One being Selective fat destruction and reduction, and the second being skin tightening/cellulite reduction. You can combine these two for maximum and super noticeable results (recommended).

For fat cell destruction 1-4 treatments are needed for best results and spaced 2 weeks apart.
Laser cellulite reduction and skin tightening requires between 2 and 10 sessions, also spaced two weeks apart.


So Umm.. Where Does All The Fat Go?

In both BioScuplting and V-Shape, your body starts to break down the fat cells naturally (the same way it would in your daily diet). The short answer: your liver breaks down and flushes out the cells after being carried through your body’s blood and lymphatic system. Then, your body expels the fat cells through your “bathroom time”. Schedule with our Functional Medicine Providers for more information on your lymphatic system and how you can aide it!

The Alma Laser Provides:

  • Cellulite Reduction

  • Body and Face Contouring

  • Ultrasound Fat Reduction

  • Pixel Skin Resurfacing

  • Micro-ablative RF Needling

  • Skin Tightening

  • Psoriasis Treatment

  •  & more!

Is the vShape procedure safe?

vShape can be a safe alternative to invasive aesthetic facial and body surgery. It incorporates advanced safety precautions and thousands of patients have been treated safely. It’s non-invasive and can deliver great results with minimal downtime on all skin types.

How long before I can return to my normal activities?

Depending on what area you have done you have minimal downtime. Treatments can be incorporated into your schedule with few limitations on work and exercise. Most people return to their regular activities immediately following the vShape procedure.

What does the procedure cost?

The procedure fee will vary depending on the area or areas you want treated.

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Schedule Your Free Consultation Today & Get 40% Off Your First Treatment!